Our lab is broadly interested in devising methods to better connect cancer patients with effective therapeutic strategies. Meeting this goal is challenging, as patient tumors are heterogeneous, genetically complex, and evolvable. Further, there are many potential drugs that can be assembled in many combinations. To address this challenge, we are developing advanced functional genomic technologies that allow us to systematically map the genetic determinants of drug sensitivity and then directly connect these to effective therapeutic strategies. Additionally, we are developing analytical approaches to design selective combination therapeutics as well as methods for the direct screening of therapeutic targets in patient-derived tumors. Beyond purely translational applications, our studies should advance our basic understanding of the architectures of biological signaling networks, and the genomic tools we develop may be useful for systematically studying a wide range of additional biological processes.


  • New paper in Nature Communications (June 2017)

  • Congratulations to Moiez and our collaborators in the Counter and Bardelli labs on the publication of a new paper in Nature Communications describing the role of codon bias in shaping KRAS-driven therapeutic resistance.
  • Wood lab welcomes new members! (May 2017)

  • Our newest lab members are Hazel Ang, a Ph.D. student in Pharmacology; Amy Stewart, a Ph.D. student in the Cell and Molecular Biology Program; Min Lu, our new lab manager; and Catherine Yip, a new research technician. Welcome, Hazel, Amy, Min, and Catherine!
  • Congratulations to departing Wood lab members! (March 2017)

  • Congratulations to Lorin Crawford, who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in Statistical Science! Lorin will become an Assistant Professor in Biostatistics at Brown University this summer. Congratulations also to Elizabeth Stein, who finished a two-year stint as lab manager and will be heading to medical school this fall!
  • Welcome to Omar Lopez (March 2017)

  • Omar Lopez, a first year student in the Molecular Cancer Biology Ph.D. program, recently joined the Wood Lab for a rotation. Welcome, Omar!
  • Welcome, Hazel Ang! (January 2017)

  • Hazel recently joined the Wood Lab for a rotation. Welcome to the lab, Hazel!
  • New paper in Science Translational Medicine (December 2016)

  • Congratulations to Grace and all of our co-authors on the publication of a recent paper in Science Translational Medicine describing the discovery of a new, targetable therapeutic vulnerability in breast cancer.
  • Upcoming talks at AACR and NYU (December 2016)

  • Kris will be speaking at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting on Synthetic Lethality in Cancer on January 7, 2017 in San Diego, CA and at the NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center on February 1, 2017.
  • Welcome to new rotation students! (December 2016)

  • Amy Stewart and Jamie Croucher recently joined the Wood Lab for rotations. Welcome, Amy and Jamie!
  • Seminar at UPenn (October 2016)

  • Kris will be speaking at the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute and the Department of Hematology/Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania on October 4, 2016.
  • DoD Breakthrough Award (May 2016)

  • The lab was awarded a DoD Breast Cancer Research Program Breakthrough Award to advance our work to target apoptosis in breast cancer!
  • Fellowships! (March 2016)

  • Congrats to Kevin Lin and Ryan Soderquist, who were awarded NIH F30 graduate and F32 postdoctoral fellowships, respectively. Well done, guys!
  • Talks (March 2016)

  • Kris will be speaking at the UNC Lineberger Cancer Center's 40th Anniversary Symposium, "Oncogenic Signaling and Tumorigenesis" (April 11-12). He will also be speaking at the AACR Annual Meeting in New Orleans (State of the Art Approaches to Study Resistance to Targeted Therapies, April 16).
  • Moiez Ali joins the lab (3/2016)

  • Moiez is a student in the Duke Medical Scientist Training Program who will be completing his Ph.D. as a jointly advised student between the Wood and Kirsch labs. Welcome, Moiez!
  • Kris joins Science Translational Medicine‚Äôs ASA Board (3/2016)

  • Kris will be a member of the 2016-17 Associate Scientific Advisory Board of the journal Science Translational Medicine. In this capacity, he will write regularly in the journal on topics related to cancer biology and drug resistance.
  • Kris joins the Duke Department of Biomedical Engineering (2/2016)

  • Kris is now a secondary faculty member in the Duke University Department of Biomedical Engineering. In this capacity, he will serve the BME department in multiple roles, including as a Ph.D. advisor for BME graduate students. Thanks, BME!
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